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My Name is Jim Sanders.

I code, I design. I straddle that cool spot where coding and design meet each other.
Oh, and I love what I do.

I have a degree in graphic design. A couple of years after working in the design field I started designing and developing websites. I quickly learned that merging these two skills was my passion, true calling. I work with Drupal, Joomla, and TYPO3, but my platform of choice is WordPress (I started working with WordPress back in version 1.7x).

For the sites whose business doesn't necessitate using a CMS, I can code a mean HTML5 site, using Bootstrap or Foundation as my starting block.

In either case, the final product that I hand off to you will be a professional, responsive website complete with SEO that gets your business online attention.

Jim Sanders

When I'm not in front of the computer, I can usually be found either under the hood or behind the wheel of my '73 Road Runner. Currently restoring...

How Can I Help You?

Let me do what I do best to help you to do what you do best!


  WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS). With a finished WordPress website, you can easily login and make changes and updates on the fly. My WP package includes installation and theme development.

Your site will be responsive, mobile friendly and as scalable as it needs to be.


HTML Website

An HTML site offers a unique one-of-a-kind feeling for your site. Some features of HTML sites worth noting:
  - Quick load time
  - Less prone to hacking
 - Search engine friendly
  - Portable
  - Responsive & mobile-friendly


Graphic & Print Design

I've developed successful brands for over 15 years. A name and logo are more than just a 'tag' or identifier of your goods or services, it is the first impression of your business and the symbol of your reputation. Whether launching a new product, or in need of a brand refresh or complete rebranding, I would love to help you.


Email Campaigns

I've managed online marketing campaigns for a variety of organizations. I'll work with you to develop a digital strategy that delivers in an impressive way.
MailChimp? No problem. Send campaigns from your own site with no branding other than your own? No problem.

Some Of My Work

  • “Jim's work is top-notch, cutting-edge; he can even 'dummy it down' for those clients and the general public, if they should choose to want to learn and understand how the worldwide web actually works.”
    Scott S.
    Bank of America
  • “Jim has handled many projects for my clients over the years and has produced consistently creative and spectacular results!”
    Rick W.
    IT Professional, Common Sense IT
  • “I've worked with Jim on several complex Marketing initiatives. I've always found him to be very detail oriented and client-focused. I will always recommend Jim highly.”
    Amanda S.
    Marketing Manager, Sales Force
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